A Divine Guide To Puzzle Solving

How many mortals does it take to populate Mars? Trick question, they are all dead before it could even happen.

The Mighty Tobla

A Divine Guide To Puzzle Solving is a narrative first person puzzle adventure. The player takes on the role of Mort, a mortal QA tester for the divine puzzle architect Tobla’s newest collection of divine puzzles.
The main mechanic of these puzzles is the ability to swap the positions of certain objects. Players select two objects to swap their positions and thus solve the many different puzzles set before them.

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My Contribution

For most of the development time I was one of two dedicated programmers working on this project, with the other programmer leaving the company a few months before release.
The game was developed using the Unity Engine.

I had a hand in implementing basically every gameplay feature, including but not limited to the swap mechanic, puzzle mechanics like generators, moving platforms, sentries and portals. I also designed and implemented sequencing systems to allow events to occur at specific points in a level.

Most notably I implemented the player progression and save system, localization, Steamworks integration and scene loading. I also worked closely with our sound designer and composer to integrate their work using WWise.

I designed and implemented tools to help designers and artist realize their vision, like tools for mesh generation, animation sequencing and painting vegetation.