EXIT – The Curse of Ophir

EXIT: The Curse of Ophir is a puzzle adventure for iOS, Android, and Steam, based on the award-winning EXIT – The Game® board game series.

The app was created as a completely new single-player experience. Players take on the role of a hobby detective searching for the whereabouts of a famous writer. The trail leads to an old and mysterious gold rush hotel in the Wichita Mountains.

All items collected along the way can be inspected and manipulated as 3D objects in an inventory. The hotel itself features handcrafted 2D backgrounds for each room that players can explore. These rooms contain various puzzles, from solving classic number codes to more complex puzzles that will have players travelling through time or thinking beyond the game world itself.

My contribution

I was responsible for the porting of the game from Android/iOS to Steam and the integration of various Steamworks features like achievements and rich presence.