CreArt: Painting by Numbers

CreArt: Painting by Numbers – lets you slow down and take a creative break while you’re on the go. The popular Ravensburger classic is available as a free app.

Say goodbye to routine, enjoy the moment and recharge your batteries with positive energy. The free “CreArt: Painting by Numbers” app from Ravensburger makes it very easy and so much fun! Coloring in the fields helps you achieve a sense of inner peace, find relaxation and automatically get into the flow. Your unique Painting by Numbers image is created field by field and color by color.

Get it on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

My contribution

I mainly worked on systems to provide In-App-Purchases and dynamically load content created by third parties. I also overhauled the user input to make it more responsive with various input methods, like touchscreen and stylus.