Ravensburger Labyrinth

Ravensburger Labyrinth is the mobile version of the popular board game The aMAZEing Labyrinth.

All the rules – like moving the maze and collecting treasures and secrets – have been transferred to the digital version to give players a faithful experience. The 3D environment in which the game table is located is a breath of fresh air. It is decorated like the room of a wizard’s tower and creates the right mood and atmosphere.

In addition to the Classic Labyrinth and Junior Labyrinth, several other editions with slightly different rules are included in the app to spice things up. The Ocean Labyrinth, Master Labyrinth, and country editions all add a new layer of gameplay and come with their own handmade table decorations, music, and visuals.

My contribution

I was responsible for implementing various gameplay mechanics, animations and visual effects, both in 3D and the UI. I also implemented systems for providing responsive In-App-Purchase functionality and receipt validation.